About Yowah.

Yowah is a well known opal field in South West Queensland, Australia.
The opal mining fields are in close proximity to the township. It's a unique opal field, not only because of its unusual variety of opal, but also because it has a large fossicking area just outside the township and a permanent hot water flow from the bore head.
The existence of permanent water made it possible for people to live here all year around in this remote part of the country.

In summer, during December through to March, it can be very hot with temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius. Therefore opal mining is seasonal and most of the miners will be present from May 'till October. Some of the local miners only slow down during the real hot part of the summer. Basically there's opal for sale all year around.

The distance from Brisbane to Yowah is approx. 1000 km. The closest pub is located at Eulo. Groceries and fuel can be obtained in Yowah and Eulo.
Yowah lies in the middle of a triangle with Cunnamulla, Thargomindah and Quilpie.
Including Eulo, these towns are the last locations to stock up on supplies before arriving in Yowah.

Yowah these days is an easy accessible opal field. From Cunnamulla it's a distance of approx. 160 km on a sealed road. Travelling from Quilpie, the road will be partly dirt and bitumen.
Yowah is also accessible from Thargomindah by sealed road. Taking the short cut via the Black Gate opal field is not recommended for normal cars. For the coming years more sealed roads are planned and will improve access.

Every year in July, the Yowah Opal Festival is held and attracts dealers and collectors from Australia and overseas. During the weekend of the festival, opal can be purchased from many opal dealers. All varieties of opal will be available, including boulder opal, which is mainly found in Queensland.

It is also a social event where people meet, talk, have fun and dance. There is a abundant supply of food and drinks, which can be had around a huge campfire. The whole festival is held in the open air, which creates a great atmosphere.


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