About our Products.

Most of the opals that can be purchased from us are produced from our own mines in Yowah, Koroit or Lightning Ridge. Most of the shaping, cutting and polishing is done in our cutting shed in Yowah. Each stone is individually priced; depending on pattern, colours, intensity of colour play, size and total beauty and appearance of the stone. Most of the stones are one of a kind, and therefore unique, and that makes it very hard to find a second one. Maybe you will find a similar one, but it will never be the same.

We sell; Loose stones for jewellery; As there's no opal the same, each stone is individually shaped, cut and polished to show the maximum pattern and the maximum play of colour. No calibrated sizes. Most of the stones have one nice side, cut as a cabochon, with a flat back. Sometimes stones are double sided. Matching pairs are hard to get, but are sometimes available.

Opal pendants; Made out if ironstone with opal pattern or opal in the front. Shaped, cut and polished to maximize its beauty. These stones have a hole cut in it to fit a leather string or chain and do not require a setting.

Specimen; Shaped, cut and polished by hand to maximize the size and play of colour. Most of the stones have a natural backing, as found in nature.

Opal rough; We can offer rough for cutters and collectors in different qualities and sizes.

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