Yowah is a small opal town in South West Queensland, Australia. It's one of the oldest opal fields in Australia located about 1.000 km. west of Brisbane. It's worldwide known for it's opal found in nuts. A nut is an ironstone concretion with opal trapped in the hollow parts. The opal can be part of the matrix, a crystal centre or a combination of both. These Yowah Opal Nuts are found in several depths in a sedimentary sandstone. Every single nut needs to be cracked or split to find the hidden opal. On average, one in a thousand nuts carries gem quality opal. Mining is mainly done underground by tunnelling. Some miners use excavators for their open-cut operations. Beside picture stones, Yowah also produces opalised wood (pipe opal) and conglomerate opal. Because of it's unique combination of ironstone and opal, every Yowah Nut will be a different beautiful stone with it's own character. For this reason Yowah Nut Opal is wanted by opal collectors and also getting more popular amongst designing jewellers.