About Koroit.

The Koroit opal field is located approx. 80 km north west of Cunnamulla in Queensland. There's no township like Yowah. Travelling from Cunnamulla to Quilpie, taking the short cut via Humeburn Road, several mines can be seen within a kilometre of the aerial. More mines are located all over the area with tracks leading towards them.  The aerial is a landmark. The opal produced here is geologically similar to the opal that's found in Yowah. It does have characteristics that make it typical Koroit. Due to the iron content, the ironstone is, most of the times, much harder and more dense. Compared to the Yowah nuts, the patterns are bigger and also the sizes of the Koroit nuts are larger. Approx. 10 to 15% of the stones produced in Yowah or Koroit, there's hardly any difference. This also depends on the mining area in Koroit or Yowah.

The Koroit opal fields produces nuts, matrix and crystal centre, conglomerate, wood replacement, pipe opal, seam opal and boulder opal. All these combinations can be found in the same mine.


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