How to contact us.

Most of the time, during the mining seasons, we will be in Yowah or Koroit. We can be reached in Yowah by 'phone or fax; +61 (0)746 554161 or in Koroit by 'phone; +61 (0)746 554191. When in the Netherlands, for the selling season (approx. the middle of October 'till the middle of December, you can get in touch with us by 'phone or fax +31 (0) 545 478308. Please take note of the time difference wherever you call from. If you can't get in touch with us or there's no hurry, please use the service provided on the answering machine. We will call you back as soon as we can.

Our E-mail address;

Information, show dates and details can be obtained from the main page of our website.

Benton Opals; Ben and Tony Stoverink, 9 Harlequin Drive, Yowah, Queensland 4492, Australia.


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